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“I. Sherman Greene Chorale: 
50 years-Honoring the Past, Present, and Future”


Each week, for the next four (4) weeks, we will post a trivia question about the Chorale’s history.

Week I
Here is the first trivia question and answer:

 On what occasion (in Norfolk, Virginia) did the Chorale first perform? 

a. Negro History Week

b. Negro History Month

c. Colored History Month

ANSWER: a=Negro History Week

Week 2
Here is the second trivia question and answer:

 What does the I. initial in Mr. Greene’s name stand for?

a. Isaiah

b. Ian

c. Isaac

ANSWER: c=Isaac

Week 3
Here is the third trivia question and answer:​

 What was the location of the Chorale’s first performance?

a. Norfolk Arena

b. Chrysler Hall Performing Arts Theater

c. The Golden Triangle Hotel

ANSWER: c=The Golden Triangle Hotel

Week 4​
Here is the fourth trivia question and answer:

What year was the Chorale featured with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra at its Holiday Pops Christmas Concerts?

a. 2017

b. 2018

c. 2019

ANSWER: a=2017